1. You should feed according to the ideal weight for your pet and speak to your vet about safe, non toxic, low calorie treats for training.
  2. Each packet of food may have different feeding instructions, even within the same brand. Read carefully! Some cat food sachets now marketed as “soups” advise feeding one sachet per kg of bodyweight at a cost of about $6.50 per day if recommendations followed. Be careful and read thoroughly or your beloved purr cat may lose weight.
  3. Premium brand food is more expensive, due to high quality ingredients! Less food is required to meet your pets nutritional needs and less food is lost as waste after digestion. Skant faeces rule.
  4.  Premium brand pet food has been researched and formulated to maximise dental, coat, gastric and joint health for dogs and cats.
  5.  One person in the household in charge of feeding is ideal, be especially careful with elderly owners or children who tend to overfeed. Certain breeds will never walk away until the plate is empty and then practice selective amnesia when presented with another bowl of food!