The best dog grooming in Templestowe and surrounds

Our team offers the best dog grooming services in Templestowe, perfect for locals including residents of Doncaster East, Blackburn and Eltham. Regular Dog Grooming is key to maintaining your pet’s health and is recommended every 6-12 weeks based on your pet’s coat, age and condition.

Is your furry friend in much need of a doggy spa day?

Our doggy day spa ensures regular grooming which can help to:

  • Keep your furry friend’s coat in a healthy, knot -free condition
  • Identify any skin allergies or infections requiring veterinary treatment
  • Identify any lumps or bumps that may have gone unnoticed at home
  • Assist and control with external parasite prevention

At the East Doncaster Veterinary Hospital in Templestowe, our professional and experienced Dog Groomer, Nicole offers a full range of grooming services for all breeds of dogs aged 12 weeks of age through adult hood and into their senior years.

What is included in our spa-day package?

  • Pre-grooming clip/brush prior to the bath

  • Warm hydrobath with high quality Shampoo to gently cleanse the skin and coat without stripping natural oils

  • Warm blow dry

  • Styled Groom, finished with a comb/trimming of the paws etc

  • Ear Clean (where required)

  • Nail Trim

Not only will your dog be happy, refreshed and relaxed, but they will be looking fabulous when you come to pick them up after their dog grooming service tailored for our Doncaster, Doncaster East, Donvale, Templestowe and Warrandyte community.

We also offer cat grooming for those who want a clean kitty!