Our team at East Doncaster Veterinary Hospital are able to provide Ultrasound, Radiology (X-rays) and Pathology services daily to the East Doncaster, Doncaster, Templestowe, Park Orchards, Donvale, Warrandyte, Blackburn and Bulleen areas.


We work closely with an external Ultrasonographer who performs Ultrasounds within our clinic Monday – Friday. This means your pet does not have to go to an unfamiliar environment.

Your furry friend is admitted for the procedure between 8:00am – 9:00am and a discharge appointment will be made upon the conclusion of the ultrasound. Our team ensures your pet is kept comfortable during their stay and results of the Ultrasound will be communicated at the discharge appointment.


We offer the latest Digital X-ray technology which allows us to produce high-quality, high-resolution X-ray images more efficiently than traditional film X-rays.

The benefit of having this equipment readily available within our clinic means we are able to quickly diagnose injuries, particularly in emergency situations.


 Our team is able to perform a range of pathology tests within our clinic and also work closely with external laboratories.

For our anaesthetic patients, we are able to perform a Pre-Anaesthetic Blood Test on the day of the procedure and receive results within 15 minutes!

Within our clinic we are able to perform Urine, Blood and Faecal tests, along with examining Ear and Skin swabs to determine the cause of your pets concern.