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  • Referral Specialists

  • We pride ourselves on our up-to-date knowledge and always act on behalf of your pet, to ensure we achieve the best possible outcome. Sometimes this means looking beyond our practice to find the right solution.

    The Internet allows us to send results, photos, X-rays and other images to the Veterinary Information Network of specialists, with guidance often available within 24 hours.

    We have a strong network of veterinary specialists, working around Melbourne, that we can contact for additional specialist advice, should the need arise.

    In some cases, they will review X-rays or pathology files for a reduced fee, which means your pet can be managed in the clinic, without referral to another location.  Occasionally, this is not possible and we refer your pet onto specialist centres for advanced imaging (MRI and CT Scanning), oncology (cancer) treatments, cataract replacement, joint replacement and dental implants.

    Our responsibility doesn’t end just because your pet has been referred to a specialist. We are available to help translate ‘specialist-speak’ if required.