• Our Team

  • Nursing Team

  • Tara, QVN

    Tara completed her Veterinary Nursing training at Box Hill Tafe and worked as a multi-tasking sole charge Vet Nurse prior to joining EDVH. The furkid love of her life is Patch, a 7 year old Moodle (pictured).  Tara is a keen photographer, as her many portraits of Patch on our Facebook page show, as well as a very accomplished groomer.

    Tara has a special interest in Surgical Nursing and post operative care and she is undertaking further studies in Nutritional Nursing in 2018.

    Tara’s ambition is to study for the Diploma in Veterinary Nursing. When not caring for our patients, Tara visits her family farm in the north of Victoria, where she helps to look after the Angus cattle and Patch has a good run and roll. 

  • Liana, QVN

    Liana did competitive Horse Eventing as a youngster and started her employment in the Animal Care industry as a Groomer’s assistant in 1998. Dr Jedda recognised Liana’s aptitude with animals, (Liana has a natural calmness and gift for handling stressed patients), introducing Liana to Vet Nurse training soon after. Liana studied for two years and obtained her Veterinary Nurse qualification before leaving to work in the UK for two years, getting experience in a wide range of emergency centres, including "live in" Vet Nurse positions.

    Liana has been with EDVH since her return from the UK in 2002, now working two days a week whilst being a mum to two wonderful boys. She enjoys her furkids  Zippy, a 10 year old  black and white kitty kat, who was adopted by Liana after being left at EDVH as a tiny kitten and Flynn, a two year old Koolie x Kelpie (pictured).  

  • Administrative Team

  • Sussannah, Receptionist

    Sussannah grew up in the Flower Power 70’s, in the then semi rural Sunshine area, surrounded by a menagerie of pets including an Aussie Terrier, Kelpie, Border Collie and German Shepherd, plus cats galore.  

    Sussannah felt the pull of the Eastern suburbs and the corporate world for 20 plus years, living in Hawthorn, Kew and now settled in Doncaster with her partner and kitty family. She has been a long time council volunteer helping to care for the pets of elderly and disabled  people in the community, a Save a Dog volunteer and a Boarding Cattery attendant for five years.

    Her Tweetie cat, an 11 year old silver tabby, was found at six weeks wandering behind the Queen Vic market. Tweetie is joined by  Shelley, a Calico Tortoiseshell , also 11 years old and 5 yr old Wilbur (pictured), who are both foster/rescue cats.