• Lexi's Poem

    February 12, 2018
  • LEXI


    Can you hear me Lexi darling

    If I call to you out loud

    Are you up there gently resting

    With your dear head on a cloud?


    Can you hear the angels singing

    As they welcome you back home

    So so happy you've returned to them

    You only were on loan


    As for me my heart feels broken

    My dearest sweetest little friend

    That the time you spent beside me

    Needed finally to end


    So much joy your presence gave me

    For this oh so short a while

    Even thru' the world's worst troubles

    Somehow you caused my heart to smile

    'Twas you taught me many factors

    How to rise above the pain

    How to rise above each problem

    Bravely face the world again


    I shall miss you little sweetheart

    Weeps my heart with sad despair

    But I feel deep down inside me

    You will surely reappear


    While you sleep my precious Lexi

    memories will hold me fast

    Trumpets herald our awakening

    Eternal paradise at last.