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  • Hospital & Theatre

  • Our hospital is equipped with the latest technology and theatre equipment, designed to perform most types of animal surgery, including orthopaedics and cancer surgeries.

    We pride ourselves on our high safety standards and will never cut corners. Our surgical procedures are completely sterile, with our Veterinarians always fully gowned and gloved. We use a different set of autoclaved instruments for each procedure and each patient, to ensure there is no cross contamination. We have never had a ‘hospital acquired’ infection.

    For your pet’s comfort and safety, we provide a heated surgery table and a dedicated anaesthetic nurse, who will assist the Veterinarian throughout the surgery.  

    Following surgery, your pet will be transferred to the recovery ward. Our recovery ward has under-floor hydroponic heating for the large dog runs and split system air conditioning. The stainless steel cages are lined with special fluffy ‘DrizaBed’ bedding. The large dog runs have ‘orthopad’ soft beds and futons with washable covers. We even have special diffusers, which emit calming pheromones for dogs and cats, to help make their stay more comfortable.

    Pain management is a priority and our nurses are well trained to detect even the slightest change in behaviour, which may indicate discomfort. Patients will also have their ‘vital signs’ checked and charted at least four times per day.