• Health Checks

  • As a loving pet owner, you want to see your best friend at their best. So when it comes to keeping them in good health, prevention is key.

    Very few pet owners are aware of what is ‘normal’ when it comes to their pet’s health. This is completely understandable. Annual health checks, for pets under eight years of age, will help provide owners with a benchmark of their pet’s health. That is valuable information. Should your pet have a chronic illness, they will need a health check 2 – 3 times per year.          

    Let’s not forget our seniors. Health checks are very important for our older pets. Given our pet’s tissues and cells age 4 – 7 times as fast as humans, it’s easy to see why. The most common health issue we see in geriatric patients are cancerous conditions. Therefore, early detection is crucial.

    For new best friends, we offer free puppy and kitten health packs. We stage their baby pet health care visits to fortnightly, ensuring they are not too overwhelmed or frightened with lots of things carried out in one visit.

    Using the results from your pet’s health check, we develop a comprehensive health care plan, to make sure your pet’s life and longevity is optimised. Your pet is then free to love you unconditionally, which is their job!

    In addition to your pet’s benefits, health checks are a great opportunity for pet owners to ask questions or raise any concerns.