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  • Dressing Your Pet for Summer

    January 5, 2018
  • If you thought that dressing dogs was a silliness committed by women of a certain age and Terrier owners then think again.  All overweight dogs, geriatric dogs, squashy face dogs, working dogs and long coated dogs should be wearing one of these super duper Cool Champions Cool Coats by Silver Eagle outfitters. Dr Jedda discovered these coats when she was showing Leon to his Championship title.

    In places such as Albury/Wodonga in late January, the dog show rings were ridiculously hot. Leon would wear his Cool Weave coat and be bright and bubbly at 3 pm and WIN Best Junior Terrier in Show... yippee!

  • Leon is now retired to be a filthy farm terrier, but still wearing his Cool Coat on days over 25 degrees.


    It sounds very counterproductive wearing a coat in the hot weather doesn’t it? This fabric is magic, you simply wet the coat in a sink of cool water and ROLL the excess moisture out before fitting it to the dog fairly firmly. As the coat dries slowly, it creates a wicking type effect, drawing heat away from the dog’s body. Sensational! MUST be the real thing though, not a cheap copy.

    See their website for orders and instructions on how to measure your dog. EDVH does not get a “kickback” from Silver Eagle, it’s just a product that we believe makes dog’s lives in Australia more comfortable. Especially for the elderly dogs who often fall asleep in the heat, forget to drink, and dehydrate quickly.


    There is also a Cooling Mat for cats, ideal for cat run shelves or any other favourite spots. Dr Jedda’s favourite thing to do is to dunk Nina in a tub of tepid water – seriously. This ensures the geriatric cats’ fluid intake is good and the cooling effect is excellent. Caution: only do this if you have a reasonably laid back cat! (Not suitable for Jazz P!) If your cat starts PANTING, then that is severe heat stress and an urgent situation, ring a vet for help.

    More tips for heatwave days:

    Frozen carrot treats, frozen sardines for cats, ice cubes in water, roll up mats, cool lino or tiles to lie on, keep house dark, keep wet facecloths in the freezer for draping over hot little heads, shave tummies. Walk all dogs before 7 am or after dusk and only if the temperature is less than 20-24 degrees.

    Keep safe and cool in Summer!