• An English Setter Tail

    April 27, 2018

    My English Setters passion goes back 34 years.

    In 1984 I was asked by a nursing friend to mind their dog for a few days.
    He was an English Setter called Trafalgar (Eireannmada Trafalgar) and I was instantly besotted with his handsome stature and naughtiness. He went on to sire my first dog/English setter that I owned :

    A Lemon Belton dog (Wenella Chevington 1985) - Chevy. What a sweet heart he was and we had a beautiful bond for almost 14 years. 


    After Chevy I moved and given there were  limited ES breeders available it was not until early  2006 when my 2nd English setter Taffy (Eirannemada Uffizzi) came into my life. Taffy was a tricoloured bitch and because her colours reminded me of licorice taffy she was given her Welsh name!    She was a loveable rascal- despite her deafness.   Taffy learned hand signals readily and we even taught the staff at EDVH to communicate with her. After she crossed rainbow bridge in 2014 and because I love the ES regal looks, soft nature and slightly wicked disposition, you guessed it,  I started on the trail of looking for another one.

  • I was very fortunate to be chosen to receive an Orange Belton dog from a litter in NSW so ES no.3 arrived on my doorstep  in 2015-  Caius ( Eireannmada Beaufort).  "Keys" was named after Caius College,  Cambridge University. 

  • Knowing that ES are few and far between I put my name down with the NSW  breeder hoping that there may have been a chance for another one over the next few years. 

    I was very excited when the breeders said they had an Orange Belton dog available ...So ES no.4 Paxton arrived early 2017  (Aldersett Paxton Hill).

    Despite their size, long fur, slobber and vivacious personalities I couldn't imagine being without an English in my life.