• A Cat's Tail - Widget

    May 8, 2018
  • Dr Jedda first met Widget as an eight month old kitten, a few days after New Years’ day, in 2000. She had got herself into mighty trouble. Widget swallowed a fish hook and it went all the way through half of her intestinal tract, causing deep ulcers, peritonitis and abscesses as it travelled. Dr J removed one third of her intestinal tract . Her oesophagus, (food pipe), was badly damaged and she had an oesophagostomy feeding tube placed. Against the odds, she survived and bloomed. Widget has been Stephen’s constant companion, always there for a rub and purr through many challenging times in his life.

  • As the years have ticked along, a bit of arthritis set in, managed with injections skilfully given by Stephen. She was diagnosed with Kidney disease AND Thyroid disease ( a double whammy and tricky to manage) in October 2013. Four and a half years down the track, four and a half years of constant medication, four and a half years of dedication from Stephen, sees this grand old lady still ticking along happily. Granted, she IS a little wobbly! They have moved to the country and at first Widget was perplexed by the large “hopping rats” (Kangaroos). Now, she is well settled into her retirement at Broadford and we receive updates by phone, email and video.

    PS: Stephen once told Dr Jedda that Widget had regurgitated a furball as big as his huge mechanic’s index finger. She called his bluff, and a few weeks later, a furball as big as Stephen’s finger duly arrived in the mail!

    PPS: One of the most special and treasured gifts to Dr J from Widget and Stephen is an author signed copy of the book “A Lion Called Christian”.