• A Burmese Tail - Scout

    April 12, 2018
  • Have you fallen hard for a breed of dog or cat or are you strictly in the "home a rescue pet” camp? Sometimes as we age, our breed of choice changes with our changing physicality. For example Dr Jedda’s ability to lift a 22kg Cardigan Corgi, having owned that breed for 20 years, crashed.     Border Terriers are less than 10 kg and much less taxing on the old "stuffed Vet back"

    Cat owners often become total fans of one breed. Rosie has recently welcomed new baby brown Burmese from Queensland, called Scout. Scout is the fifth Burmese in a love affair with the breed dating back 30 years.

  • First there was Witney, a blue Burmese. Rosie had not long returned from overseas when her father, a Vet in Toowoomba, rang and asked her if she would like a 3 year old Burmese who was being returned to the breeder as there was a new baby in the house. It was love at first sight. Witney was her constant companion, just like a dog. Witney took many long car trips between Melbourne and Toowoomba, always hopping out for toilet stops along the way and a stretch of the legs! Then came Audrey, a chocolate, when Witney was 10, to keep her company in her old age (she lived to 13). Coco, brown, became Audrey’s little sister. Coco was sadly killed by two JRT’s who attacked her in her own yard. Audrey lived on until the grand age of 18, with Wally, the Foxie cross, and joined by Lily another Burmese kitten.


    Lily, a chocolate, is now a very healthy 12 years old, who has accepted little terror Scout with a bit of help from Feliway AND secure in the knowledge that Scout will play 95% of the time with Jimmy, (a 3 year old Foxie x Chi rescue), who is an honorary Burmese, (albeit quite an odd looking one).

    Enjoy these pictures of Scout with Jimmy and Lily and our thanks to Rosie for sending them.

    If you adore a certain breed, type or colour of pet, let us know in the comments and share with us how your adoration started. Josie Border T was purchased after Dr J fell in love with a cheeky little monkey faced puppy presenting for her first vaccine, called Bonnie Hudson. HRH Remus, Blue Burmese, came after lots of visits from Witney... your stories please.

  • Jimmy Grooming Scout